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Dual Tetrahedron 3
The object of the Dual Tetrahedron 3 is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and then put them back together again.Vinco has used contrasting coloured woods to form a beautiful symmetrical shape with this puzzle. Your job is to find where the four pieces join so you can take it apart. Quite a challenge... Perhaps the biggest of all being able to put it back together!Every puzzle produced by Vinco is hand-made and crafted with the highest standard! The interesting shapes, and the use of different coloured and patterned wood, also make Vinco puzzles very attractive pieces of wooden artwork.
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Silver Color Chess Puzzle Set
The following puzzles are in this set. Click on the individual puzzle name to get a more descriptive view of each puzzle: Silver Color Chess Piece - King, Silver Color Chess Piece - Queen, Silver Color Chess Piece - Bishop, Silver Color Chess Piece - Knight, Silver Color Chess Piece - Rook, Silver Color Chess Piece - Pawn,